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From feed and flour milling and oilseed crushing to poultry production and commodity supply to third party clients, ContiLatin brings together a wide range of industrial operations in Latin America and the Caribbean. In a joint venture with local partners in Venezuela, ContiLatin is invested in one of the top integrated poultry companies in the Maracaibo region of this country, and has doubled the size of this business over the past five years. In Ecuador, ContiLatin is a partner in the largest flour milling company as well as one of the largest independent feed manufacturers. In Peru, ContiLatin is a co-owner of the largest commodity marketing group, with a dominant market share of corn and soymeal sales to third parties. Additionally, ContiLatin is the majority owner and operator of one of the top five integrated poultry operations in Peru. In the southern cone, ContiLatin owns and operates one of the two largest crushing operations in Paraguay, and is a major marketer of consumer products in the Asunción, Paraguay area.

In the Caribbean, ContiLatin is in partnership with the Government of Haiti and two other private parties in the sole flour mill on the island, which has been upgraded and expanded since it was bought from the government ten years ago.

ContiLatin's small US-based team brings extensive commodity sourcing and operating skills to the businesses it operates and co-owns, and is constantly searching for suitable additions to its portfolio.

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